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Legacy Traditional School – Avondale

Welcome to Legacy Traditional School. We have been proudly serving the Avondale community since 2011 by providing a well-rounded, holistic education to young learners from kindergarten to 8th grade. Our non-profit, public charter school was founded on the principle that there is no limit to what a student can achieve with a great education. With our traditional, back-to-basics approach to curriculum, Legacy Traditional focuses on what works in education, to challenge students, and really emphasize developing highly-capable learners. Come see what makes Legacy Avondale so amazing!

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Kindergarten in Avondale, AZ | Legacy Traditional


Our Tuition-Free Half-Day Kindergarten program in Avondale empowers young learners to be ready for school and set them up for success in life. Legacy Traditional teachers focus on activities that will help your child develop in areas of language, math, reading readiness, and creativity.

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Elementary School Library in Avondale, AZ | Legacy Traditional


Legacy Avondale has seen great success with our Back-to-Basics approach to elementary school including an accelerated pace of Language Arts and mathematics, high expectations for academics and behavior, self-contained K-6 classrooms, bell-to-bell instruction, and more.

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Middle School in Avondale, AZ | Legacy Traditional

Middle School

At Legacy Traditional, we’ve selected proven curriculum and programs designed to help each student. You’ll see that our experience and knowledge has led to a comprehensive set of tools for the middle school grades which prepares students to succeed in high school, college, and further study.

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We care about your child just like you do, and we want the very best for them, too. There is no better way to prepare them for future success than with a well-rounded education at Legacy Avondale.

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